Press Shia – Pakistani Shi’ah leaders and scholars met in the Pakistani city of Lahore to discuss the issues and problems facing Pakistan’s Shi’ah community.

Press Shia – A group of Pakistani Shi’ah scholars and religious leaders discussed the issues and problems facing Pakistan’s large Shi’ah minority at Lahore’s al-Muntadhar University. 

During the conference, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Sajid-Ali Naqavi, the leader of Pakistan’s Shi’ahs, responded to the spreading of rumours against Shi’ah beliefs and theology on the internet and through social media networks by some radical groups and said, “False and self-created beliefs are an abuse of pure Islam and the true denomination.”

He said that Shi’ahs don’t have any relationship with shirk [polytheism] and ghulw [exaggeration] and said, “We Twelver Shi’ahs are the true followers of ‘Righteous Caliphs of the Prophet of Islam’ and have no allegiance to the Nusayri sect.”

Hujjat al-Islam Naqavi referred to the fact that after failing to succeed through their physical assaults and killing of Shi’ahs, the enemies have turned to attacking Shi’ah spirituality and stressed, “In these attacks, the goal of the enemies is to destroy the unity between various sects of Muslims and for this reason, the people must combat these plots with complete awareness.”

The leader of Pakistani Shi’ahs said that the Islamic Seminaries have a heavy duty in this regard and added, “With careful study and appropriate strategies, clerics and missionaries must provide responses to these doubts.”

Another speaker at the event was Hujjat al-Islam Hafidh Mohsin-Ali Najafi who expressed concern about the distorted beliefs of the Wahhabis and said, “The Islamic Seminaries must observe the new doubts on the internet and on social media networks and answer them.”