Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Maher Hammoud stressed that the killers of the people of Yemen at the Arab League summit claim to support a political solution in this country.

Press Shia Agency – Speaking in his Friday prayer sermon at the Lebanese city of Sidon’s Quds Mosque, Shaykh Maher Hammoud referred to last weeks’ Arab League summit which was held in the Jordanian capital, Amman and noted that this summit has no importance and won’t change any political realities.

The head of International Union of Resistance Scholars said that Arab leaders spoke of a political solution for Syria and Yemen, “However,” he said, “This is while the military option, which certain individuals have chosen, has influence in the Arab League.” 

He added that the same countries that have given weapons to Takfiri terrorists in Syria have opened their borders to them and have provided political cover to terrorists in political circles in the region and the world.

Shaykh Hammoud said that the statements of these countries in regard to a political solution is considered a real failure and added that the Arab and American coalition was the principle decision of this summit and this coalition has engaged in the bombardment, destruction and killing in Yemen and their claim of a political solution represents the political lies and delusion of these countries.

The Lebanese cleric said, “It would be better if these countries would have said that they’ve experimented with a military solution but they didn’t achieve the result they sought but surely they do not have the necessary courage or nerve to admit this.”

He pointed to a retreat in the positions of the countries which oppose the Syrian government and said that while the Syrian representative to the Arab League wasn’t present, the Syrian flag was raised up and we didn’t see the flag of the terrorists nor did we see any strongly worded attack against Iran and they only spoke about the internal affairs of Arab countries. 

“Such a change reflects the change in the United States’ position,” he said.

Shaykh Hammoud referred to the peace plan adopted at the Arab League summit which was held in Beirut in 2002 and stressed that this plan has been neglected on behalf of the Zionist regime for many years and this is due to the lack of dignity of the Arabs participating in the summit. 

“The use of the word ‘historic compromise’ with Israel is very dangerous and this implies devotion to American policies, in particular those of Donald Trump,” he said. 

Shaykh Hammoud stressed that this meeting wasn’t aimed at achieving any valuable achievements and added that the warriors in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen and whoever has faith in the dissolution of the Zionist regime has marked the future of the ummah and the Islamic Resistance is the principle element in the determination of the fate of the ummah.