TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (Press Shia Agency) – President Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Putin of Russia agree that US missile attack on Syrian airbase has violated international rules.

Mr. Rouhani and Putin talked in a phone call Sunday the Syrian situation after the US missile attack which hit al-Shayrat Airbase earlier last week. They unanimously condemned the attack as violation of the international rules and of borders of a sovereign nation. They also suggested that the UN examine the unilateral action and if necessary, condemn it. 
Rouhani also condemned use of chemical weapons against civilians; “the realities reveal the bitter fact of access by terrorists to chemical weapons, and the US missile attacks will make them even more intrepid in their possible use of chemical weapons,” he told Putin. 
“Iran and Russia should not allow such provocative actions to negatively affect battle against terrorism and efforts to bring peace and stability to Syria; we still believe that the solution to Syrian crisis is dialogue and diplomatic method of negotiation,” Rouhani added. 
Mr. Putin also condemned the attack as violation of the international rules; “the bold action just displayed support for terrorists; Russia believes US missile attack was well-orchestrated in advance, and will definitely not help better the situation in Syria,” he said. 
Putin also called for improvement of bilateral and multilateral cooperation including the UN Security Council on Syrian situation.