Press Shia – A group of Bahraini opposition activists have stressed that the Al Khalifah’s statement in support of the US’ attack on Syria proves its relations with the Zionist regime.

Press Shia Agency – A number of Bahraini opposition activists have issued a joint statement strongly condemning the United States’ military attack on Syrian territory and the targeting of its sovereignty on Friday morning, saying this attack coincided with the ongoing operations by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies against Takfiri forces in the war-torn Arab country.

They added that these operations have led to the near-collapse and defeat of the destructive and seditious Takfiri terrorist project which has been fighting the government of President Bashar al-Asad since March 2011 with support from Arab and Western countries along with the Zionist entity.

The statement signed was the Coalition of Youth of the February 14 Revolution, the al-Wafa Islamic Party, Islamic Action Society, the Bahrain Freedom Movement, the Haqq Movement for Liberty and Democracy and the Khalas Movement.

The statement said this blatant attack on Syria under the administration of the new US President Donald Trump occurred in the shadow of protests within the US against Trump and amid controversy over the legitimacy of his presidency and widespread discontent with his abnormal behaviour.

“This action reflects the malignant policy of distracting American public opinion in regard to the US’ interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” the statement said. 

The Bahraini opposition said that the US’ attacks have organized international terrorism and noted the US targets various governments and people who refuse to submit to the American-Zionist projects in the region and those who believe in the method of resistance in the face of this project.

The statement stressed on the necessity of confronting the US’ arrogance and breach of international laws and to oppose their changing of the rules of engagement in Syria and the entire Middle East.

They emphasized on not allowing the evil Takfiri forces led by the Saudi regime to restore their malicious hopes in the destruction of our countries and peoples through its public alliance with the Zionist entity.

In conclusion, the Bahraini opposition condemned the Al Khalifah regime for its support of the American aggression against the Syrian people and the violation of its sovereignty and added that the regime’s support proves the Al Khalifah’s relationship with the Zionist entity.  

They stressed that this “ridiculous blessing” of the US’ actions by the regime doesn’t represent the will of the Bahraini Muslim and Arab people and their steadfastness against the American aggression in the region and they reject the regime’s terroristic and fanatic policies. 

Saudi Arabia was the first country to express support of the US attack on Syria and then Israel, along with the United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Canada and some other countries.

On Friday morning, warships in the eastern Mediterranean launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Shayrat Airbase in Syria’s Homs Province.