Press Shia – A senior Hezbollah official condemned the US missile attack on Syria and said the attack was an act of terrorism that was no different from the crimes committed by Daesh and the al-Nusrah Front.

Press Shia Agency – Speaking in his Friday prayer sermon, Hujjat al-Islam Ali Da’moush, the vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah in Lebanon, stressed upon the necessity for the Lebanese government to seriously counter the corruption and insecurity in the country, saying, “The prosecution and arrest of drug traffickers, thieves, criminals and those who threaten the security and interests of the people and their interests is essential and they must be held accountable and punished. The country must be saved from the filth of corruption and the security forces must enforce the law in society.”

The Lebanese cleric added that the government must demonstrate its sovereignty so that people feel comfortable and enjoy peace of mind and so that their trust in the government returns. 

Hujjat al-Islam Da’moush said that last week, two Lebanese security forces were martyred and added, “This should be an incentive to proceed in the campaign to deal decisively with criminals and to rid society of corruption, drugs and criminality and not to retreat in this matter.”

“Hezbollah has never sought to replace the government and doesn’t provide cover for criminals and corrupt individuals,” he added. 

In other remarks, His Eminence condemned the United States’ missile attack on Syria’s al-Sha’yrat Air Base near Homs and said the attack was an act of terrorism that was no different from the crimes committed by Daesh and the al-Nusrah Front.

Hujjat al-Islam Da’moush wondered, “If the US is so keen to support the Syrian people, why do they still support the terrorist groups that kill the Syrian people every day with chemical and non-chemical weapons? Why did the US cover and still cover the crimes and massacres committed by the Zionist regime in Palestine and Lebanon as well as the massacres committed by Saudi Arabia against the children of Yemen every day?”

The senior Hezbollah official noted, “Israel and Saudi Arabia were the first to welcome, cheer and bless the American aggression against Syria because it serves their objectives in the country and uplifts the morale of the Takfiri groups, including Daesh and al-Nusrah Front and their supporters and allies, especially after the frustration of these groups as a result of their successive defeats in Aleppo, Damascus and finally in Hamah.”

He said that the American aggression on Syria is an expression of the failure of the American-Israeli-Saudi project in Syria and their inability to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Asad.

Hujjat al-Islam Da’moush added that this attack was is a failed attempt to rescue their frustrated Takfiri terrorists who were defeated in all these locations but this aggression won’t be able to break the will of the Syrian people to achieve their goals.

“Nothing more than frustration, disappointment and despair awaits the enemies of Syria,” he added.