TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The Yemeni Army announced that its troops are fully prepared to respond to any acts of aggression against the Arabian Peninsula country and destroy hostile targets by ballistic missiles.

Missiles are ready and will remain ready to fire, Yemen’s Army Spokesman Sharaf Luqman said on Saturday, according to Yemen's al-Masirah news website.

“Any military target that arrives in our territorial waters, will be destroyed undoubtedly,” the commander noted.

He further dismissed as “a lie” the United Arab Emirates’ claim that the Yemeni forces have attacked a UAE civilian vessel recently, saying that according to Yemen’s detailed information, it was a military vessel and the Emiratis are trying to mislead public opinion.

The Yemeni troops targeted and destroyed an Emirati military vessel in a rocket attack near the Red Sea port city of Mokha early on Saturday.

The UAE has been suffering heavy casualties in Yemen, where Ansarullah fighters and allied military units have been fighting back the Saudi-led invaders.

On June 13, an Emirati military helicopter crashed near the al-Buraiqeh coast of the southern Yemeni port city of Aden, killing its two pilots.

On March 14, two Emirati pilots died when their Mirage fighter jet crashed while conducting military operations in the same Yemeni district.