GORGAN, May 07 (Press Shia) – Following the Zemestanyurt coal mine explosion that killed and injured dozens of miners, President Rouhani ordered that all mines lacking safety standards must be shut down.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made the remark on Sunday in a meeting with a number of miners and families of the victims of the Zemestanyurt coal mine explosion in Azadshahr, east of Golestan Province.

The President expressed his sympathy to the families of the victims, noting that the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare who is in charge of following up on the rights of the killed and the injured miners in the blast, will come to the site next month to oversee the realization of all promises given to the affected.

“All authorities and the families of victims wish to prevent the reoccurrence of such tragic incidents in the country, and we will all make efforts to achieve this end as our key responsibility,” Rouhani stressed.

Following the meeting, Rouhani accompanied by the families of victims and a number of officials visited the site of the blast and held talks with the miners there.

While visiting the mine, President Rouhani stressed that all responsible for the mine explosion will be put on trial and in case their guilt is proven, they will receive maximum penalty.

“Governor of Golestan has a duty to visit each and every house of the victims to investigate the problems and plan for resolving them,” he said. 

The blast occurred at 12:45 p.m. local time on Wednesday in Zemestanyurt coal mine in northern Iran. 73 miners were injured and 35 others trapped. So far, bodies of 22 workers have been recovered and rescue missions are still underway to determine the fate of the 13 still trapped workers.