Press Shia – A member of the Supreme Islamic Shi’ite Council of Lebanon called the US-Jordanian military exercises on the Jordanian border with Syria as an “aggressive” step.

Press Shia – Hujjat al-Islam Abbas Zghayb, a member of the Supreme Islamic Shi’ite Council of Lebanon, referred to the United States’ recently launched military exercises in Jordan and said, “The manoeuvres which have been launched by the arrogant and evil powers on the border between Jordan and Syria are in clear pursuit of the goals of the hostile and terrorist powers.” 

The Lebanese Shi’ah cleric said these manoeuvres are considered intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign countries and in the region and added, “These aggressive actions aim to strengthen the Takfiri terrorist groups operating in the region and to destroy and kill innocent people.”

He said that the US is the “Great Satan” and its militant face has become clearer day by day and said, “All the freedom-seekers of the world stand against these killers who do not belong to humanity. To these killers we say that certainly, the poison that they are currently cooking will eventually kill themselves.”

Hujjat al-Islam Zghayb addressed the terrorists saying, “In the near future, you will taste the bitter flavour of the tree of evil which you have planted in our homelands and this tree will be uprooted by the honorable people who are fighting against you.”

His Eminence added that no power can stand against the will and determination of these warriors and without attention to numbers and facilities, we will engage in uprooting the enemies. 

On Sunday, Jordan and the US kicked off “Eager Lion,” an annual military exercise with about 7,400 troops from more than 20 nations taking part. 

US and Jordanian officials said the manoeuvres would include border security, cyber-defence, and “command and control” exercises to bolster coordination in response to threats including “terrorism.”