TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Embassy in Ankara has strongly advised Iranians living in or visiting Turkey to avoid making presence in crowded or insecure areas.

As quoted by Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian Embassy in Ankara has issued a warning statement urging Iranians to heed all security warnings declared by consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Turkey or other organizations and institutions of the host state.

“Given the occurrence of adverse events for some compatriots and regarding the significance of sticking to emergency regulations in Turkey, once more, it is highly recommended that all Iranians living in or visiting the neighboring country be heedful of warnings issued by consulate general and other representations of Iran in Turkey as well as taking notice of regulations of emergency declared by relevant organizations in the host country,” the statement reads.

Accordingly, Iranians living in Turkey or those who intend to travel to the neighboring state are advised to refrain from making presence at crowded places or insecure areas.