TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (Press Shia Agency) – President Hassan Rouahni said being Revolutionary, in true essence, meant to isolate the US.

The Iranian President made the remarks while delivering a speech at the Judiciary Congress held on Sunday at Tehran’s Islamic Summit Conference Hall.

Rouhani commemorated memory of martyr Seyed Mohammad Beheshti, an Iranian jurist, philosopher, cleric and politician who was known as the second person in the political hierarchy of Iran after the Revolution.

He recalled several responsibilities held by Beheshti during early years of the Revolution and described him as an active and indefatigable person in the field of preparing the youth for confronting with issues faced by the Islamic word.

The official noted that the Islamic Revolution has breezed past tough days since world powers have always supported terrorist cults who have martyred many including Beheshti.

“Aliens also imposed a war against us and, as a result of the attack seemingly by the neighboring country and actually by great powers, the country experienced eight formidable and demanding years,” Rouhani emphasized.

President said unlike Iran, the Iraqi side enjoyed the most modern war equipment during the Imposed War whose legal issues have still remained unresolved.

He appreciated the nation for remaining on the side of the Revolution at all costs expressing hope that all remaining difficulties will be tackled in the coming years through joining forces and synergy.

“Enemies hatch new plots on a daily basis and their threats need to be thwarted by focusing on relevant and central issues,” stressed the official.

Hassan Rouhani went on to enumerate the constructive measured taken by his government including creation of jobs, increased economic growth which presently stands at 8.3% and reduction of inflation rate from over 40 to lower than 10 per cent.

He referred to massive turnout in recent presidential elections which were conducted peacefully thanks to prudence of the Leader and all relevant officials.

He urged officials no to return to competitive environment of elections and focus of resolving difficulties ahead; “ongoing problems, at all levels, require attention of the whole nation and not the government only.”

President Rouhani said Iran possesses great capacities and talents for making progress adding “the Judiciary of Iran is capable of preserving security as a prerequisite to economic prosperity and investment. The government and Judiciary complement each other and, by joining hands, they can take further positive steps towards development of the country.”

Rouhani also stressed the need for powerful foreign diplomacy in a way that, if US takes actions against Iran, other parties like Europe, China and Russia will side us rather than supporting Americans.

“Today, nuclear sanctions have been removed with prudence of the Leader and support of the nation,” said the official noting however that, although certain banking issues are still lingering, China, Europe and some African states have backed Iran in the Nuclear Deal.

On the issue of human rights, Hassan Rouhani said the law of Islam needs to be implemented regardless of pressures imposed by the West; “criminals need to be summoned and arrested only when enough evidence has been gathered as stated by the Constitution.”

At the end of his remarks, Iran’s President said being revolutionary meant to isolate the US and to speak in a way that the world can feel and comprehend us.