TEHRAN, Jul. 03 (Press Shia) – Head of the Strategic Research Center Ali Akbar Velayati underlined that European countries need to act more independently in international arena.

Velayati made the remarks in his meeting with Secretary-General of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Christian Masset on Monday in Tehran, where he also asserted the positive and effective relations between Tehran and France that “has been on constant progress after the Islamic Revolution thanks to the determination of both sides.”

Leader’s advisor noted France’ key role in defining EU foreign policy approaches and urged sides to use the opportunity in line with developing the ties.

“Yet it seems European countries need to adopt more impartial policies in regional and international fields; global cooperation and will are needed to confront extremist and Takfiri streams currents in West Asia and Africa,” Velayati reaffirmed.

He stated that Islamic Republic has been resisting terrorism for a long period while certain states in the region are following their interests and are against peace and stability; “if it was not for Iran’s principled policies in this regard, terrorists and their allies had infiltrated European countries in an uncontrollable way.”

“Iran’s basic policy is preserving the territorial integrity of all countries in the region and therefore it would stand against any divisive efforts; regional states would not surrender to terrorists and their allies and all should work together to establish security and stability in the region,” he said emphasizing that Islamic Republic is fully ready to cooperate with France and other countries who seek global peace and stability.

Christian Masset, for his part, underlined the progressive trend of Iran-France ties deeming Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s recent visit to Paris as constructive; “President Macron reassured that all sealed agreements would be implemented and good economic deals were made including Total’s cooperation with Iran in South Pars oilfields.”

Masset also emphasized that Iran and France share views in regional issues and their historical and cultural backgrounds pave the way for expansion of ties.