TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker, while hailing liberation of Mosul, stressed invaluable role of Ayatollah Sistani in defeating Takfiri terrorists in Iraq.

Islamic Republic of Iran will always remain beside the Iraqi nation who will hopefully breeze past ongoing critical conditions and reconstruct their country,” said Ali Larijani at a meeting with Head of the National Iraqi Alliance (NIA) Ammar Hakim in Tehran.

He said Iraq played a major role inside the region and its division will only be in the interest of the Zionists hence the need to inform people of the issue and its consequences.

“ISIL suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq though Iran, in view if recent victories, needs to deal with post-war crises with caution,” he underlined.

On trade ties between the two countries, Iran’s Parliament Speaker said numerous grounds existed for expansion of relations which can be further facilitated by removing banking restrictions.

Iraq’s Ammar Hakim, for his part, said ISIL terrorist would spread through the whole world if we fail to confront them in Iraq and Syria; “consultations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against ISIL proved helpful and contributed to recent victories.”

“ISIL, who primarily sought to limit revolutionary forces, has now turned into an opportunity for nations who felt the need for designing defensive strategies and strengthening themselves,” he underlined.

Even people of a small region in Iraq, who previously thought their goals were attainable by means of ISIL, have now realized that a powerful country can be shaped only through unity rather than extremism.

Hakim stressed that presence of ISIL in a region brings about nothing but displaced people and political disputes.

“Even supporters of terrorist groups are now entangled with serious difficulties since people, with jihadi spirit, managed to overcome ISIL members who are now haplessly looking for new habitats like Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jordan.”

NIA head warned against neglect of challenges ahead as a result of recent triumphs adding “integration is vital to Iraq since its breakdown is contrary to national interests and all ethnic groups need to live together.”

Hakim said division of Iraq will adversely affect the whole region by benefiting those who have always sought disputes between Kurds and Shias; “Israelis have been looking for a powerful base in the Middle East which explains why they support referendum in Iraq.”

The visiting official further called for assistance of Islamic Republic of Iran in the new conditions emerged after Mosul liberation; “ISIL’s return to the country needs to be prevented by boosting security measures as well as promoting national reconciliation,” he stated.