DAMASCUS (Press Shia) – Syrian Arab Army has conducted operations in South and West of the sensitive city of Raqqa in a bid to limit advances of the US-backed Syria Democratic Forces(SDF) and push torward Eastern regions, the main goal of which would be recapturing Deir ez-Zor province.

According to Press Shia dispatches, while SDF- supported by the US – has captured a quarter of Raqqa from Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL) terorist group, the Syrian Arab Army’s plan to recapture Deir ez-Zor has attached a strategically importance to the issue of recapturing more territory in Raqqa regions.

Daesh terrorist elements have always used the southern suburb of Raqqa to launch attacks against the Syrian Army in Homs, Tedmor, southern region of Deir ez-Zor.

The Syrian Army has already blocked Daesh elements’ infiltration to regions under its control and made big achievements by liberating al-Rasafah and more than 20 towns and farms in Raqqa’s province southern countryside.

Observers believe that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are doing the operations in south and west of Raqqa in order to extend their operation toward Assyria suburb in the region and make headway towards Al-Salamiyah suburb of al-Sheikh Hilal village in Hama's Eastern regions.

These developments will pave the way for the Syrian Army to move toward Al-Sukhnah town in the Syrian desert and would prevent Daesh attacks to the Army forces in desert during the potential operation for liberation of Deir ez-Zor.


Toward Liberation of Deir ez-Zor


It is quite evident that all the Syrian Army’s recent operations in southern and eastern parts of Raqqa are not only aimed at isolating the SDF in western parts of the Euphrates river but also it is the start point for strategic war of retaking Deir ez-Zor.

SDF has been able to expel Daesh elements from eastern and western parts of Raqqa in their 23 days long attack to Daesh stronghold.

Under the direct support of the US, SDF succeeded to enter parts of Raqqa including al-Barid, al-Hal market and 70 percent of al-Sanaa industrial neighborhood.

SDF's Difficulties for Capturing Raqqa

Analysts predict that SDF will not have an easy job to conquer Daesh in Raqqa and the terrorist group which is estimated to have 3000 strongmen in the city, will use suicide bombers and street battle to resist SDF progress in the city.

Presence of 100, 000 civilians in Raqqa makes SDF progress much difficult.

SDF started an operation with the support of US in June 6 to free Raqqa. SDF are a multi-ethnic and multi-religious alliance of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian militias. There are no direct coordination line between SDF and the Syrian Army but there is an agreement under Russia observation to prevent conflict between the Syrian Army and the SDF forces. The Syrian Army has already focused on fighting Daesh and has no plan to fight other groups.

Daesh occupied Raqqa in 2014 and made the city, capital of its self-proclaimed caliphate. The terrorist group committed brutal crimes including be-heading and torturing of civilians in its three years ruling of the region.