TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Deputy Commander of Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi said the naval forces are planned to test the country’s new weapons and military equipment in the ongoing military drills in northern Iran.  

The war game code-named “Sustainable Security and Power 96” is part of annual exercises of the Nay in the waters of the Caspian Sea, Admiral Mousavi said in a press conference on Sunday.

Sea and air units of the Navy, shore-to-sea missile systems, diving teams, healthcare, intelligence systems, and commando units specialized in marine warfare have been deployed to the drills, he noted.  

The commander further emphasized that ensuring the security of the northern and southern waters has always been one of the main goals of the Islamic Republic.

During the five-day exercises, new weapons, military systems, and equipment are going to be tested by the Navy, he said.

Some of the Army’s fighter jets and air defense systems have also been deployed to the area to ensure the security of the drills.

Over the past few years, the Iranian Navy's forces have held several military drills in southern and northern waters.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly assured other nations, especially its neighbors, that its military might poses no threat to other countries, stating that its defense doctrine is based on deterrence.