KHARTOUM, Jul. 11 (Press Shia) – Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour on Monday urged the US government to make the right decision of permanently lifting the economic sanctions on Sudan.

Local media quoted Ghandour as saying that any decision other than the permanent lifting of the sanctions is “illogical and unacceptable,” saying Sudan has met all commitments towards Washington.

After the 21-year sanctions are lifted, Sudan will become an active partner of the United States in achieving security in the region, and the lifting of sanctions will also benefit peoples of the two countries, Ghandour added.

The United Nations said in a statement Monday that there has been a marked improvement in Sudan’s humanitarian access over the past six months, saying it was looking forward to a positive decision of lifting the US economic sanctions on Sudan.

Sudan has been on the US list of “state sponsors of terrorism” since 1993.

Former US President Barack Obama issued a decision on Jan. 13 to cancel two executive orders imposing economic sanctions on Sudan.

Reports must be presented by July 12, indicating that the country is committed to certain terms including combating terrorism and fulfilling its commitments to ceasing hostilities at conflict zones, therefore to fully lift the sanctions on Sudan.

XINHUA/Press Shia