Tehran, Jul. 15 (Press Shia) – Iran’s SNSC Secretary Shamkhani has met with Russian president special envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev on Saturday in Tehran.

The meeting had focused on latest developments in Syria and the process to establish peace and settle the conflict.

Ali Shamkhani, while stressing the need to respect Syria’s sovereignty by all involved countries in the conflict, reaffirmed that no agreement should violate the principle and pave the way for Syria’s disintegration.

Noting the broad efforts of Zionist lobby to weaken Syrian government and Resistance, he asserted “establishing strong ties with terrorist groups and their allies, Zionist regime seeks abusing the groups to safeguard its borders and suppress Palestinians.”

“Terrorists’ abuse of the gap created by ceasefire and political talks for recovery is concerning and unacceptable; our experiences have proved that these elements are not committed to any agreement or deal and would use any opportunity to kill innocent people and reach their own aims,” Shamkhani said.

He continued “Astana process has proved to be a successful method to put an end to the crises in the region with help of regional potentials.

Alexander Lavrentiev, for his part, updated Shamkhani on the agreement reached by US, Russia and Jordan on de-escalation zones in southwest Syria.

Noting decisive role of Iran, Russia and Syria in confronting terrorism, Lavrentiev said the strategic trilateral cooperation would continue till uprooting the terrorism.