TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The Syrian desert which includes al-Rasafa historical city and many other ancient sites has not only witnessed Daesh (also known as ISIS, ISIL) brutality against the Syrian people but also is a reminder of terrorists’ hostility towards civilization and culture.

The Syrian Army accomplished a big achievement by liberating al-Rasafa which is southern gateway of Daesh stronghold city of Raqqa, in Syria.

This place had witnessed intense and pitched battle in which the Army could liberate 1500sq km. Daesh terrorists have abandoned their fortifications and tunnels and escaped.

Speaking to Press Shia Agency about the latest development in the region, the commander of Al-Rasafa liberation operation said, “Our brave forces cleared large areas in Syria desert, an area of 1500sq km which is extended from southeastern parts of the city of Aleppo to southwestern parts of Raqqa. Given the importance of this vital region, about 400 oil wells were freed and we are now in the Al-Thaurah Oil Field. The Syrian Army forces have liberated it after implementing a well-devised plan that prevented damage to the oil filed facilities.”

In similar remarks, the operation commander noted, “After this achievement, our armed forces blocked the transfer of Daesh terrorist group's forces via the Raqqa road to the city of Hama and the military operation of Syrian forces would continue towards the pre-determined targets in order to dominate other regions of Syrian territory.”

Al-Rasafa is well-known for its large number of oil wells, ancient monuments, historical palaces and castles that were bombed by Daesh and these acts proved brutality and backwardness of the group and the fact that they are far from humanity and civilization.

Answering Press Shia Agency question on return of civilians back their homes, one of the soldiers who was present in the al-Rasafa liberation operation said, “People are returning to Jabaadin village and the neighboring suburb and they have contacted their families in various villages to gradually return their homes, liberated by the Army.”


The Syrian Army staff, elaborating the next targets said that the army will continue further progress deep inside the desert.

He referred to the fact that the region is an oil-rich area and noted that Daesh occupied the region to hit a blow to the Syrian national economy.

Al-Rasafa, 30 km far from the Raqqa capital, was the beginning point for the Army operation towards Ethria suburb and as a result providing security of Ethria-Khanaser road which is the only highway towards Aleppo city.