TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – An American human rights lawyer and a professor at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law said US President Donald Trump is looking for a “pretext” to attack Syria, bringing Moscow and Washington ever closer to a final confrontation.

“Well, I definitely agree that he (Trump) is very aggressive in the Middle East,” Daniel Kovalik told the Press Shia Agency News Agency when asked about Trump’s aggressive policies towards the region.

He added, “I saw something like in March, not just March alone, that the US killed like a thousand people in the theaters of Syria and Iraq. And, recently, I believe we have killed like five hundred (people) in Syria. So clearly, Trump has stepped up US aggression in the Middle East…I think the United States government, in general, sees the business of US as war. In fact, they used to say the business of the US is business, but I think it is war now.

"I think that was true under Obama as well. That seems to be a bipartisan issue. You know we spend now over a $600 billion a year on the military, which is more the next nine countries combined. Meanwhile, our infrastructure in the US is falling apart. We have huge problems with child poverty and hunger. You know we have the resources to deal with those issues instead; we are spending all the money on more war. Much to our detriment, much to your detriment. But I do fear that Trump may be worse as a matter of degree and I do fear the things that he has been saying about Syria suggest that he may be committed to a great of war in Syria.”

US Looking for 'Pretext' to Attack Syria 

Elsewhere in the interview, he referred to recent reports by US media about the Syrian government’s attempts to carry out a chemical attack in the Arab country and said, “…certainly I do agree with the idea that the US has been looking for a pretext to engage in a deeper conflict in Syria. Seymour Hersh, the journalist, had a great article about the fact the US knew that there was not a gas attack…and the US attacks Syria anyway”.

“Obviously, he (Trump) is looking for a pretext and that is very concerning to me”.

The American professor noted that a final confrontation is also possible between the US and Russia.

"… I, in fact, wrote a book recently urging that the US not to engage in a confrontation with Russia but I fear that there is that possibility. And yes I think there are people in the US government who want such a confrontation. That should be of concern of all of us. We are talking about two super powers. Yes, Syria could be a trigger for a world war and that is of a concern, obviously.”

New Saudi Crown Prince to Wage More War in Mideast

“I am concerned by this change which also after Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia…so I have great concerns that the US has given a green light to carry out even more aggressive actions that it is,” Kovalik said when asked about a recent transition of power in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman appointed his 31-year-old son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince, placing him firmly as first-in-line to the throne. The monarch stripped Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who had been positioned to inherit the throne, from his title as crown prince and from his powerful position as the country’s interior minister overseeing security.