TEHRAN, Jul. 21 (Press Shia) – Iranian ambassador to Kuwait, was notified of the decision of the Arab country to reduce the number of diplomats in Kuwait.

Alireza Enayati, Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait, was summoned to Kuwait’s ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday and he was informed that Iran has been given a 45 day grace to reduce the size of its diplomatic mission in Kuwait. It is not either an expulsion order or an ultimatum for 48-hour leave. Neither have they declared the staff persona non grata.

Before calling their diplomats home, because of the attack on Saudi embassy in Tehran, Kuwaitis had an 8 to 10 diplomat mission in Tehran.

What is illogical is the excuse provided for the decision. Kuwaitis’ move, according to Kuwait’s official KUNA new agency, is after the conviction of the members of Al Abdali terror cell who were put on trial for what they claim to be an intelligence contact with Iran.

Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs has described the act as unconstructive and a source of disappointment.

“Considering the regional developments in the Persian Gulf and the new equations formed between the states of the Persian Gulf, the move made by the government of Kuwait is disappointing and unconstructive.

“Iran has repeatedly rejected the accusations of being involved in the interior affairs of the countries of the region and takes these inappropriate claims as instillations and plots of the enemies of friendly ties between the countries of the region,” asserted the Iranian diplomat.

“The policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards its neighbors have always been based on neighborliness and respect to the sovereignty of other states,” reaffirmed Mr. Ghasemi.

He advised the Kuwaiti officials to be watchful of satanic plots of the malevolent enemies of the region whose wrong policies have been repeatedly defeated in the region.