TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati played down concerns about a US congressional bill on new sanctions against Iran, saying Tehran has proved to be capable of making progress on its own.

“We have no worries about such hostile US moves,” Velayati told reporters on Tuesday, when asked about US plans to impose new sanctions on Iran.

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has been in fact faced with announced or unannounced sanctions all the time, he said.

Velayati underscored that Iran has proved its capability to press on with its economic plans by relying on its own capabilities and by building “positive and constructive” ties with many countries, such as Russia, China and a significant number of European states.

On Saturday, the US House and Senate reached an agreement on a bill that would include new sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

The agreement on the sanctions was the result of a month-long back-and-forth between the House and Senate after the Senate passed a bill for new sanctions against Russia and Iran 98 to 2 in June.