TEHRAN (Press Shia) – US is trying to distract attention from its own failure to implement the ceasefire deal by calling for an investigation into Russia’s actions in Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

"The US side just could not fulfill the ceasefire agreement. They themselves told us that they do not have the means to put pressure on the opposition,” Zakharova said.

She also warned Washington that there were legal consequences for such rhetoric.

“Kerry’s statement – this is propaganda. There are some very serious legal consequences behind this terminology, and I think that Kerry used all of these terms to inflame the situation,” Zakharova said.

She said: “If it comes to war crimes, US representatives should start with Iraq. And then move to Libya, and of course to Yemen – find out what's there. I want to say that juggling these words is very dangerous, because there are indeed war crimes on the part of the American representatives.”

Speaking on the way to resolve the Syrian crisis, Zakharova noted that there are several “streams” in Washington which are trying to push through their respective positions, Russia Today reported.

"There are different streams in Washington, which are right now competing for lobbying of their approach to solving the Syrian [issue]. There are some who strongly advocate for ousting Bashar Assad, some push for military operations,” she said at a forum for young diplomats on Friday.

“As far as we understand, this is not supported either by the [US] secretary of state, nor by the US president, who are aimed at following the UN Security Council resolution, which clearly states that there is no military way [forward].”

Earlier on Friday, US Secretary John Kerry said that the Russian and Syrian governments' actions in Syria "beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes." He alleged Moscow and Damascus have been “hitting hospitals, medical facilities,” in the war-ravaged country.

Russia has come under criticism from Washington over airstrikes hitting East Aleppo. Moscow and Damascus said that the joint mission is targeting terrorists in the city who have repeatedly jeopardized the cessation of hostilities agreed between Russia and the US.

Earlier in October, Washington suspended bilateral contacts with Moscow on Syria over the bombardment. Moscow in return noted that the US has failed to deliver on its promise to separate “moderate opposition” from the terrorists, which in turn jeopardized the truce deal.