TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Zionists are pursuing the implementation of their agenda of declaring the entire Palestinian lands under a Jewish state control, a prominent Lebanese commentator Ghalib Qandil said.

Speaking to Press Shia Agency on Wednesday, Qandil pointed to the recent developments in Al-Aqsa Mosque and noted that Zionist regime of Israel is Judaizing the region by building more illegal settlements and imposing pressure on the Palestinian people to scatter around the occupied lands.

“Zionists obey a general agenda which is institutionalizing and declaring a Jewish state and they are speeding the process of judaization of both lands that have been occupied in 1942 and 1967,” he noted.

Israel has started depriving Palestinians and Muslims from their natural rights from the beginning of occupation in 1942 and later on in 1967, he noted.

As regards reaction to the Zionist’s move, the Lebanese analyst said the Palestinian nation is disappointed of their leaders who are hiding behind the US pledges and would continue their resistance using all means.

Palestinians are fighting the occupying forces by holding demonstrations and initiating intifada movements and they have declared explicitly that all efforts done by the Islamic and Arabic groups have been fruitless, he added.

Qandil referred to normalization of relations between Arab and the Persian Gulf littoral states and the Zionist regime of Israel, and said, Arab countries are cooperating with Zionists and preparing the ground for materialization of the Zionists’ objectives.

Zionist regime of Israel has recently increased limitations upon Muslims in the occupied lands particularly the access to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In reaction to Zionist regime approach, Palestinian Resistance movement said that closure of Al-Aqsa mosque by the Zionist regime was declaration of war against all Muslim states and the Islamic Ummah (community).