TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Al-Nusra Front and Daesh (also known as ISIS, ISIL) terrorists have no more options but to surrender or die after the recent Syrian Army and Lebanese Hezbollah's operations in the two countries' joint borders.

According to Press Shia dispatches, 1500 Daesh terrorists in the Lebanon’s eastern mountains along the Syrian border are awaiting their sure destiny of dying or surrendering.

Daesh terrorists are scattered in 250 square kilometers in the Lebanon mountains and up to 100 square kilometers in the Syrian highlands.

The Lebanese Army and Hezbollah have encircled Daesh elements east of Arsal tophills and in the meantime, the Syrian Army and the Lebanese resistance movment have sieged them from north and east.

Before the start of operation, around 400 al-Nusra Front elements have been deployed in Arsal mountains. They had also control over al-Zamrani and Martabiye cross routes in the middle of north Qalamoun and Lebanese Arsal region.

According to the battlefield experts, Daesh and al-Nusra bases in the Lebanon-Syria borders are under tight siege and all their supply routes have been cut.

Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement seems to be very committed to end terrorism in the Lebanon’s eastern mountains.

The operation commander of Hezbollah has declared in a statement that fighting al-Nusra elements is ending and it urged all terrorists to disarm and surrender to save their lifes.

The battlefield sources have reported escape of al-Nusra elements towards Daesh contact lines in the eastern parts of Arsal high lands. Meanwhile, some of the terrorist elements ran away towards Wadi Hamid and al-Malahi refugee camps.