Press Shia Agency – The vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah said, “From the first day of the invasion of Syria, we announced that the war was aimed at destroying Syria and turning it into a ‘Zionist Syria’ instead of a ‘Resistant Syria.’”

Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Naim Qasim, the vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, spoke in regard to the military operation against Takfiri terrorists in Lebanon’s Arsal region and said, “We have fought a critical battle to liberate Jaroud Arsal and from the first day we said that this battle doesn’t belong to the Arsal region and the refugee camps but rather this operation targets those who have occupied this region and use Arsal to strike Lebanon, harm the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon and create sedition in the country.”


Referring to the fact that Takfiris are a cancerous disease and the solution to this disease is to eradicate them, the senior Lebanese Shi’ah cleric added, “The purpose of this operation was to clear the eastern borders of this dangerous group, which has engaged in killing the people and the spread of corruption on the Lebanese borders.”


He called the presence of Daesh and al-Nusrah Front in Arsal an “occupation,” and stated, “We only waged war with the occupiers and enemies to free our land. This war has political and valuable dimensions. The value of the battle with the Takfiris is part of the struggle against the Zionist regime and the political dimension of this battle is that it seeks an to end the imperialistic project which seeks to dominate the region.”


Hujjat al-Islam Qasim expressed his satisfaction with the widespread support among the people for this operation and stated, “We have never witnessed such a broad national consensus and the criticisms against this operation have been very weak and marginalized. Those groups who criticized this operation couldn’t express their points of view because they were suffering from the weakness of culture, ethics, ideology and politics and weren’t content with what they wrote.”


He said that the beliefs of such groups are based on the fact that war against the Takfiris is the duty of the army, and added, “When we told them ‘if the terrorists continue to attack us and continue to carry out bombings in the country, what actions should we take?’ They said, ‘No one other than the army should react.’ This is the rule for these groups and we will, at any time, send forces to liberate, bring dignity, independence and sovereignty to Lebanon.”


Referring to the fact that victory was achieved in 48 hours in this difficult war, the senior Hezbollah official pointed out, “This victory must be considered a continuation of the divine victories and a new victory over the Zionist enemy because the Takfiris are the tools of the Zionist regime. In this war, we witnessed a great model of morality in war and the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah], as a school of jihad, ethics and liberation, was able to teach the world a great lesson.”


Hujjat al-Islam Qasim emphasized that the golden equation of the army, the people and the Resistance was fully present in the war, noted, “The Resistance engaged in war and the army helped and the people supported the battle in many ways. Everyone knows that the Resistance is not dependent on any imperialist system but rather, it acts on the basis of two principles – the liberation of the land and the defeat of the enemies.” 


The Lebanese cleric continued, “From the first day of the invasion of Syria, we announced that the war was aimed at destroying Syria and turning it into a ‘Zionist Syria’ instead of a ‘Resistant Syria,’ but some gave it an internal dimension. This fact gradually became evident that the imperialist powers and Arab mercenaries sent Takfiris from eighty countries to Syria and didn’t hesitate to use any weapons, money, facilities or support.”


He said, “Due to the grace of God, the Resistance Axis was victorious in Syria and didn’t allow the equation to change in benefit of the Takfiris. The Resistance Axis continues to progress in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and some other countries while the US-backed axis is heading towards defeat.”


The senior member of Hezbollah described the Zionization of the region as the main aim of the war against Syria and said, “With the help of Hezbollah, Syria has been able to defeat the ‘New Mediterranean’ project and open the gates to greater success for the Resistance Axis. Some statistics show that Takfiris occupied more than 90,000 square kilometres in 2014 in Syria, Iraq and along the Lebanese border but now they only occupy 30,000 square kilometres, part of which is in the desert.”


Hujjat al-Islam Qasim also noted the latest developments in Palestine, adding that what is happening in Jerusalem al-Quds is a scandal for Israel, the international community and Arab governments. “The innocent and defenseless people have stood against the Zionist regimes’ plots against the al-Aqsa Mosque and have forced the Zionists to retreat,” he said.


In conclusion, His Eminence, “This shows that if we stand and resist, we can make a difference. We must continue on the path of the Palestinian people and know that everyone who is with Palestine is on the axis of truth and anyone who is against Palestine is on the axis of falsehood.”