TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Official Farid Asserd urged talks between the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government and the country’s federal government before any decision on a planned independence referendum in the Arab country’s autonomous Kurdistan Region.

Speaking to Press Shia, Asserd referred to political disagreements in the Kurdistan region and said that discord among people of the region is the major obstacle on the way of holding referendum.

It is for two years that Masoud Barzani term has expired and no election has been held for electing the next president of the region, Asserd noted in a reference to the power vacuum in the Kurdish autonomous region.

Asserd pointed to the lack of international support for such a divisive move in region, and said, “So far, there were no support for the referendum plan in the Kurdistan region at Iraqi, regional and global level.”

He also pointed to the Iraqi federal government’s opposition to holding any type of referendum in Iraq and underlined the necessity for the Kurdistan region’s step towards resolution of its problems with the central government before taking any decision.

Elsewhere, the official hailed Iran’s role in support of Iraqi Kurds against Daesh (also known as ISIS, ISIL) and said that the history has registered the honor for Iran to be the first country who supported Kurdistan region against Daesh attacks.