TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The Syrian army is now seeking to secure one of the largest oil fields in the central regions of the country that has been under the control of terrorists.

According to the reports, Daesh (also knowns as ISIS or ISIL) lines throughout central Syria is collapsing before a relentless onslaught by pro-government forces.

After capturing the strategic town of Huwaysis in central Homs Governorate two days ago, the Syrian security forces has continued advancing southwest of the al-Sha’er mountain chain securing, as of Wednesday, the hilltops of Abedin, Qart al-Aridah, Qart al-Taheen and Qubour al-Shaalan; smaller, unnamed hills east of Qart al-Aridah have also been secured.

By this advance, the army has now flanked the al-Mahr Oil Field, one of the largest in central Syria, from three axes, leaving only one safe route for Daesh to retreat. The oil field and its surrounding area expected to be liberated in near future.

The developments in the battlefields came as the country’s President Bashar al-Assad said the Syrian government is making new advances to bring the whole country under its control.

During his speech in Damascus on Sunday before an audience of diplomats, he said, “There will be neither security cooperation, nor the opening of embassies, nor a role for certain states that say they want to find a way out [of Syria’s war], unless they explicitly cut their ties with terrorism.”

That is while enemies of Syria, defeated in the battlefields, have started a new round of propaganda against the legitimate government by talking about alleged report written by experts of a UN agency about about blocking of two ship loaded with chemical weapons and they related the shipment to the Syrian government.

The 37-page report have been submitted to the UN Security Council in August but it has not been mentioned where the weapons were intercepted.