Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Da’moush stressed that the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese army defeated the most important means of sedition.

Press Shia Agency – Speaking at a ceremony held at the al-Mujtaba Complex in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, Hujjat al-Islam Ali Da’moush, the vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, said, “The Islamic Resistance Axis is making progress on the battleground and on the political field and has made many achievements and victories against the Takfiri terrorist phenomenon in the region.”


Pointing out that the achievements of the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah] in the fight against the Takfiri terrorists are out of the reach of the so-called international coalition, the Lebanese Shi’ah cleric stressed, “The international project to establish Takfiri terrorist groups, which was part of a plan to ruin, dominate and divide the Middle East, to subjugate its people and governments and to destroy the Islamic Resistance Axis, is weakening and the ultimate defeat of this project only needs time.” 


Hujjat al-Islam Da’moush said it is in the interest of those who bet on this project, both at home and abroad, to reconsider their positions, options and alliances and to review their political calculations because what they bet on has failed so far and is going to fall.


He continued, “The project has been defeated in Iraq and Syria and the Takfiri Emirate is on the verge of defeat in Lebanon. What happened in Jaroud Arsal and other border regions has proved that the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese army are capable of overthrowing the Takfiri Emirate which the terrorist groups sought to establish in Lebanon.”


His Eminence pointed out that the Islamic Resistance and the army were able to eliminate the most significant means of sedition, murder and sending of car bombs, suicide bombers and explosive belts and expelled the terrorists from Lebanon.


Referring to the current cooperation between the Lebanese and Syrian armies and the Islamic Resistance to completely eliminate the threat of terrorism on the Syria-Lebanon border, Hujjat al-Islam Da’moush said, “Across the border in Syria, the Islamic Resistance and the Syrian Arab Army are currently engaged in fighting against the terrorists in western al-Qalamoun and the Lebanese army is engaged in fighting in the Jaroud al-Qa’a and Baalbek regions and victory is inevitable and near.”


He added, “This war belongs to all of the Lebanese people, regardless of their different religions, sects and political orientation. The army, the Islamic Resistance and all Lebanese people have been the winners of this war.”