Press Shia Agency – The head of the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council of Lebanon warned against returning to terrorism to the country.

Press Shia – Ayatollah Abdul Amir Qabalan, the head of the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council of Lebanon, congratulated the defeating of terrorists and their expel from the country, adding that the heroic action and solidarity of the Lebanese army with the Syrian resistance and the Syrian army saved Lebanon from “the disaster of Takfirism which was spreading murder, corruption and destruction.”


He emphasized: “Takfiris are evil gangs that do not understand anything but murder and terrorism and commit these terrorist actions against all people, young and old, man and woman.”


This Lebanese scholar noted that all Lebanese should unite in their fight against Zionist and Takfiri terrorism, and they should not allow terrorism to return to the country by supporting the army and the resistance forces, and abandoning extremist intolerance.


The Ayatollah warned against establishing a new source for terrorists in Lebanon and describing the fight against extremist and fanatical discourse as “an effective way to tackle the terrorism.”


He sent salvation to the martyrs of the army and resistance, and continued: "We ask God Almighty to give patience to the families that burn their loved ones and secure peace and security and stability over Lebanon."