TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Afghan president plans to sack at least 370 governors in the country, in a bid to prepare the grounds for his victory in the local and parliamentary elections as well as presidential election, media reports said.

Qouting an unknown source, a report by Farsi.Ru website said that Ashraf Ghani plans to replace the existing governors with his supporting figures.

The report added that the efforts are part of broader plan to institute control over constituencies in upcoming elections.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is in talk with the local elders and influential figures and is doing his best to influence the upcoming presidential elections in an effort to help the Pashtun members of his team win at least 53 percent of parliament seats.

An official affiliated to Afghanistan’s Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission who was speaking on condition of anonymity has emphasized that Ghani is manipulating the governmental job opportunities to increase influence on various governorates and small cities and towns.

“Head of Afghanistan’s Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission Nader Naderi has been missioned by Ghani to accomplish the goal,” the official added.

As an example, Ghani in his recent trip to the western province of Herat promised to employ thousands of local people.

Ghani critics have no election program for victory in the upcoming elections but they have requested for more transparency in the elections to prevent repetition of controversial Afghanistan 2014 presidential elections which resulted formation of current national unity government in the country.

Referring to the fact that the current crisis in Afghanistan has roots in the 2014 controversial election, some analysts believe that if Ghani rig in the upcoming elections, his government will be dissolved.