Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Kadhim al-Asadi said that the main factor behind efforts for Iraqi Kurdistan to proclaim independence is Israel and some of the countries supporting that regime who have been engaged in actions to incite the Kurds to separate from Iraq.

Press Shia Agency – In an interview with the media, Hujjat al-Islam Kadhim al-Asadi, an Iraqi missionary and soldier, referred to the participation of missionaries and clergymen in the operation to liberate the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar from the Daesh Takfiri terrorists and explained the effect of the presence of missionaries on the battlefields and the impact of the blood of the martyrs and Martyr Mohsen Hojjaji on the victories of the Resistance Axis and on the conspiracies of the enemies of the Iraqi people against this country. 

The Iraqi cleric said, “The enemies, as well as their supporters in Tal Afar, have been surprised by the speed of the advance of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the security forces and the people are decisive and determined and are engaged in planning for the final victory.”

He explained that the presence of missionaries and soldiers on all of the battlefields, including the Tal Afar front, is significant, such that our clerics are fighting on the front lines against the Daesh terrorists and added, “Currently the remaining area in the hands of Daesh consists of about a third of Tal Afar and these areas are quickly diminishing.”

Hujjat al-Islam al-Asadi said that every drop of blood from our heroic fighters is radiant and shining and full of blessings for all Muslims and the effect of the martyrdom of the pure and virtuous warrior, Mohsen Hojjaji, as well as other martyrs, has led to the widespread rejection of the enemies and the rapid attainment of divine victory. 

“The martyrdom of Martyr Hojjaji has been appreciated and praised by Sunnis, Shi’ahs, Christians and other religious communities in Iraq,” he said.

Regarding the issue of the Iraqi Kurdistan region’s planned referendum on independence, he said that the main factor behind the independence of Kurdistan is Israel and some of the countries supporting that regime, who have been engaged in actions to incite the Kurds to separate from Iraq and after that they will contribute to the destruction of Iraq because the Zionists consider themselves as the leaders of the world.

Hujjat al-Islam al-Asadi added, “In this regard, the independence of Kurdistan is a very important and dangerous matter, as it will cause great destruction in the region, and the Israelis and some countries allied with Israel seek to establish an aggressive state which is well-armed and can disrupt the security conditions in northern Iraq and the surrounding and neighbouring areas, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and Syria and make these areas insecure.”

In conclusion, he advised the Iraqi Kurds, saying, “Our advice to the Kurds is to talk with the Iraqis, Iranians and the Syrians on this subject to understand the facts that they are not aware of and understand the dangers of what they are trying to do.”

The Iraqi Kurdistan Region is planning a September 25th referendum on independence which is opposed by Iraq’s central government as well as Iran and Turkey, who have also expressed concerns, arguing it could create further instability in the region.