Press Shia – The faculty member of Imam Sadiq University, referring to the position and influence of the 110-volume collection of Bahar al-Anvar, introduced this eternal compilation of Allama Majlesi as the only work in the geography of Shiite thought, and said: “The Shiite owes to Allama Majlis for his efforts.

Press Shia Agency – Abbas Taghvian, professor of Imam Sadiq University, pointing out the efforts of Allama Majlesi in promoting Islam and the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt (PBUH), he said: "We owe to the Allama's scientific endeavors in the field of Hadith.”


"Since our knowledge of religion is based on the Qur'an and Hadith, and Hadith naturally finds its meaning from Qur'anic verses, the works of the Allama Majlesi have been of great help to theology.”


“We need Hadith in order to be able to interpret the holy Quran, and in various fields of religion, including Fiqh, beliefs and morality and on the other hand, on history and all the other areas of religious knowledge we need to hadith. Therefore, a scholar like Allama Majlesi, which had been collecting a Hadith Encyclopedia in a wide range, is very significant and useful.”


The professor of Imam Sadiq University (AS), emphasizing that the actions of Allama Majlesi can not be confined to the encyclopedia of Behar al-Anvar, said: Allame has created dozens of other hadith-based books, therefore, we truly owe Allama Majlesi for his efforts.


At the end, he noted: “what is important about Allama Majlisi's type of work in Behar al-Anvar is that this work was not to describe or weaken narratives, but to collect all the narrations of hadiths and prevent them from being destroyed. However, it is important to note that most of the hadiths documented in Behar al-Anvar are reliable, and of course there are intense and weak hadiths in terms of their authenticity, but even the narrations that may be weak are the hadiths that have been applied by well-known jurisprudents.”