Press Shia – Sheikh Sindhi said:‌ “Bahrainis managed to undermine the al-Khalifa regime and its supporters and stand against them, which made Al-Khalifa turn his policy to oppression and torture.”

Press Shia Agency – Sheikh Seyyed Mortada Sindhi, a senior member of the al-Wafa al-Islami movement, congratulated Eid al-Adha on Friday in a televised message to all the people and families of the martyrs and revolutionary leaders from Bahrain and the wounded, adding: "The real joy is yours because you have sacrificed your souls just like Abraham the prophet.”


He pointed out that the Bahrainis managed to undermine the al-Khalifa regime and its supporters and stand against them, which made Al-Khalifa turn his policy to oppression and torture and made some political activists participate in the 2018 parliamentary elections by force.


The Bahraini opposition figure addressing Thalal al-Khalifa, head of Bahraini security forces, said that he would not be safe from the revenge and punishment of God for the crimes he has committed, and “King Hamad will be despised in the world and the Hereafter, and undoubtedly It will be overthrown, and the US and British embassies will not be of any use for him, and the West will sell the regime out at a low price in the market of politics.”


He added that the Al-Khalifa regime and the US and British embassies used all means of repression and killing against the revolutionary people, but all their tools were ineffective against the patience and resistance of the people, and now the time goes on to the detriment of the regime and the house of the regime is ruined by their own hands and degraded against Al Saud.


Bahrain's economy is ruining


Sheikh Sindhi also noted “the widespread losses of the Bahraini economy”, saying that “the Bahraini economy is, in the eyes of investors and financial institutions, in an inappropriate and black situation, due to the spread of corruption and misguided policies of the regime, and on the other hand, the Bahraini allies have disappointed from this system, and that’s why the process of completing the British base in Bahrain is slowly moving forward.”


"Economic experts do not have a good assessment of the internal situation in Bahrain, and Gulf states’ promise to help Bahrain has been forgotten too, and all those who were supposed to help Bahrain on a hard day, now themselves are in crisis,” he said.


Senior member of al-Wafa al-Islami said the Bahraini regime was incapable of defeating the popular revolution and “the regime’s actions, such as recruitment of security forces from abroad, construction of prisons, issuance of heavy judicial sentences against revolutionaries, revoking citizenship and forcing revolutionary citizens and scholar to exile, were all ineffective.”

“The people's revolution continues,” he said.


He told the Bahraini people at the end: "You have a noble leader who is Bahrain's symbol and does not obey the rule of oppressors, and now this leader is in siege, but you must know, despite such leadership, and despite the hard-working youth and mothers of the martyrs, you will not fail and your victory is near.”