TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Moscow has proved in the past five decades that it is a reliable partner for Damascus that do not abandon its strategic ally in the needy times. That is while the ongoing support and military operations in support of the Damascus enjoy necessary public support.

The roots of Russia’s relations with Syria go back decades. They grew after Bashar Assad’s father Hafez Assad came to power in 1970.

Throughout the Cold War, the Soviet Union supplied Syria with arms and developed closer bilateral relations. In 1971, the two nations also signed an agreement giving the Soviet Union control of a naval base on Syria’s Mediterranean coast in the city of Tartus. The base is currently the last Russian-controlled port on the Mediterranean, giving it both symbolic and strategic importance to the Kremlin.

In January, the two countries struck a deal to expand the Tartus base, in an agreement that will allow Russia to host as many as 11 warships.

It’s through Tartus that Russia has been shipping Syria a wide range of arms to fight foreign sponsored terrorism. In recent years, Russia has also deployed air defense missile systems to Tartus.

Russia’s military support for the Syrian government, most notably its airstrike campaign that began in September 2015, has resulted in the Syrian Army recent achievements in the battle field.

In addition to political and security cooperation, Russia and Syria also enjoy significant cultural, scientific and economic cooperation. Russia has used to cooperate much in construction industry, and many Syrian specialists had graduated from the Soviet universities.



In order to know the Russian people view towards Moscow participation in Syria war, Press Shia Agency has interviewed some Russian citizens that follows.

One of the citizens said, “When there were no war, everything was fine. Of course, now that the war has started, we should support our brothers."

“Deployment of Russian forces in Syria was a right decision adopted by our president and government. Terrorism is now a problem for all inhabitants of the Earth throughout the world. It is a global problem. We should help other countries in fighting terrorism. It is a general problem,” he added.

Although, the western media claim that the Russian nation are divided over supporting or opposing the Kremlin decision for military presence in the ongoing conflict in Syria but in fact Russian people who have suffered terrorism of extremist groups in their country have a united voice against spread of terrorism in the world.

“I am quite satisfied about President Putin decision for deploying the Russian forces in Syria and assisting our Syrian brothers in the fight against terrorism,” another Russian citizen said to Press Shia Agency.

A Russian women said also that “I am in favor of presence of Russian forces in the Syria war because it is a war against terrorism.”

“I fully support the Russian Federation action in Syria because this is an evil and global problem and should be tackled once for all,” another citizen added.