TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Hassan Hami has been appointed as Morocco’s ambassador to Iran after seven years of severance of diplomatic ties between the two nations, a report said.

In an attempt to improve political ties between Tehran and Rabat, King Mohammed VI appointed Hami as the North African ambassador to Tehran during a ceremony in Casablanca on Thursday, Morocco World News reported on Friday.

Hami, who previously served as the kingdom’s diplomat to Azerbaijan, signaled the reopening of the Moroccan embassy in Tehran in the near future following his appointment.

Ties between Tehran and Rabat were severed in 2009 after King Mohammed VI accused the Islamic Republic of interfering in the North African country’s affairs.

Iran officially appointed Mohammad Taqi Moayyed, a career diplomat who had previously served in Tunisia, the Netherlands and Greece, as its new ambassador to Morocco. He submitted his credentials to Morocco’s King in January 2015.

Rabat opened diplomatic channels with Tehran last year. Morocco’s Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar expressed his country’s determination in November to appoint an ambassador to Tehran.