Press Shia – Ayatollah Sobhani, emphasizing that the information delivered on the pulpit must be thoroughly studied and correct, said, “If the lecture is academic, ethical and revolutionary in the true sense of the meaning then the Islamic system of government will also be established.”

Press Shia – Speaking during his class held at Qom’s Grand Mosque, Grand Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani explained that Islam originated from the Prophet Muhammad and endures through Imam Husayn and added, “The Prophet of Islam sowed the seedlings of Islam and preserved and protected it.”

The revered source of emulation added, “After the Prophet’s death, the Umayyad dynasty came to power but they never bore fruit or grew strong and for this reason, that they distorted different titles of Islam until Imam Husayn felt that it was no longer the era of ‘enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong’ but rather there was a need for him to take serious action.”

Ayatollah Sobhani argued that Imam Husayn’s entire effort was to create a movement in the Islamic ummah which would bear fruit and added, “Of course, it bore fruit from the first day and in some of the martyrdom epics, it’s said that at on the afternoon of Ashura a woman from the army of Umar ibn Sa’ad came to defend the family of the Imam. This movement was effective from the time it began.”

The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom continued, “The important effect of the movement of Imam Husayn gradually became apparent to all and the Islamic ummah rose and destroyed the Umayyad dynasty. Imam Khomeyni also said that everything that we have is from the months of Muharram and Safar. The movement of Imam Husayn is a school and isn’t  considered a phenomenon.” 

He stated that sometimes a phenomenon occurs in history, while the movement of the ‘Master of the Martyrs’ [Imam Husayn] wasn’t a phenomenon but rather it is considered a school and added, “Over the course of the time, this same school has been a model and pattern for the people to obtain their rights from unjust people.”

Ayatollah Sobhani said, “Today, this great school is alive and has many influences. Seminarians and clerics who are engaging in missionary work during the days of Muharram should make sure that their lectures are based on academic, moral and transformative information so that when people rise from their feet, they have a sense of faith and ethics.”

His Eminence said, “Lectures from the pulpits mustn’t be such that the people only hear the words and leave. In their lectures, the seminarians and clerics must include a necessary study in the historical, Quranic and other fields. If the lecture is academic, ethical and revolutionary in the true sense of the meaning than the Islamic system of government will also be established.”

Ayatollah Sobhani added, “If the lectures end with raucousness and clamour, the only effects will be within the mosque and outside it there will be no news of the effects of the lecture. The late Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Falsafi would say that he studied for eight hours for each lecture he gave. For this reason, in the 60 years he gave lectures, the information he delivered regarding the epic of Imam Husayn and the historical events of the Ashura tragedy must have been correct.”