TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (Press Shia) – President Hassan Rouhani called on the European Union to fully implement the nuclear deal and pressure US into complying with its commitments by sending the Western country a strong message.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Belgian Chamber chairman Siegfried Bracke on Saturday in Tehran, adding “JCPOA can serve as a good model for settling the complex international and regional issues.”

“We believe that the only entity that can confirm Iran’s commitment to its JCPOA-related obligations is the International Atomic Energy Organization, and according to the Agency’s reports, the Islamic Republic has complied to all of its obligations,” Rouhani stressed, saying Iran in turn expects the other sides to the deal to do the same.

The Iranian president further touched upon regional issues and terrorism, adding “terrorist attacks on Tehran and Brussels show that the two countries have a common enemy and need to have closer cooperation with one another in combating terrorism.”

Belgian Chamber chairman, for his part, highlighted the significance of the nuclear deal for Belgium and the EU, voicing his country’s resolve to make every effort to hold EU committed to all of their JCPOA-related obligations.

Siegfried Bracke further underscored Iran’s important role in the political and strategic arenas in the region, adding “cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in this field will benefit all countries combating terrorism. Brussels, as a victim of terrorism itself, is determined to have a closer cooperation with Tehran in this regard.”