TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Rallies in support of US President Donald Trump's policies and also against him across the US cities are the demonstration of a widening gap within the American society.

Although the US has been built based on the principles of multiculturalism and liberalism, raise of a nationalist Trump as president of the United States has already resulted in emergence of old gaps that exists in the American society between various races and ideologies.

That is while, the US president’s muted response to white supremacy rallies in August has sparked violence in the country.

The US capital, Washington on Saturday is expected to witness various rallies in support of Trump and against him.

Washington Post daily criticized the Trump policies which has polarized the US society and wrote: “The pro-Trump “Mother of All Rallies,” on the other hand, will seek to champion President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda. While this will certainly open the door for the same sort of white nationalists that made last month’s Charlottesville, Virginia demonstrations a deadly national shame.”

Press Shia News Agency has earlier interviewed some protesters in the US capital, Washington where a number of US citizens, among them several lawyers and members of non-governmental organizations have gathered next to the Martin Luther King statue.

In their gathering and demonstration, these people have protested the lack of justice and equality within the American society. They recognized the president as a source of big crises in the country, crises that have become more evident especially after the Charlottesville racist demonstrations.

“I think, his behavior is effecting his political future and I think good people and people with values that tend towards justice and towards peace are going to have a hard time working with him,” a US citizen said.

Protesters underlined that the policies adopted by the Trump administration to govern the country are inacceptable because now new crises are growing amid the realities on the ground in the US. Problems like ignoring how to deal with racists, new tax system and the increase in costs of health insurance are emerging problems that are a burden upon the shoulders of American citizens. Additionally, tightening the noose on the immigrants in the US is also problematic.

Observers believe that since Trump has been in charge of the office of the White House, the country has witnessed growing protests against his inconsistent policies and tough statements.

Rallies against these statements that create wide gaps in the US society are continuing, a problem that the US new president seems to be heedless of its impacts.