TEHRAN, Sep. 18 (Press Shia Agency) –The Iranian ambassador to Syria said in a TV interview on Sunday that those who are supporting the rightful will wind up as the final winners of ME conflicts.

“The only goal of Iran and the resistance front is victory, we just think about victory,” asserted the Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Javad Torkabadi late on Sunday during an interview with a Syrian television station. “In the course of history you can see that the side who is right is the winner even it is accompanied by a minority.”

He asserted that the presence of Iranian and Russian forces in Syria has been coordinated with and completely supervised by the Syrian government. “In the sixth round of Astana peace process we underlined the necessity of respecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria,” he maintained.  

He also recounted that the agreement about establishing tension relief zones in Adlib province is also clear. “The US is the great Satan and they themselves know that by the great Satan we mean the US government because their role in the region is always suspicious and destructive,” reiterated the Iranian diplomat, “defeating the enemies of Syria is tantamount to defeating the US.”

“Palestine will be returned to its real owners and the Zionist regime should always live in fear because they are wrong,” noted the Iranian envoy to Syria, “we proved to the world that we are resistant, powerful, and rightful while the Zionist regime is weak and deserted and those who stand by it will become deserted too.”

“We don’t change our position toward the issue of Palestine because of this or that political group or party and defending Palestine is an unwavering principle of us,” reassured the Iranian diplomat. “Our closeness or distance from Palestinian groups is because of their closeness or distance from the values of the Palestine.”

“The high north of our political compass will remain on liberation of Palestine and occupied lands,” he stressed.