TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s president described cultural movements as the best approach to tackling extremist ideologies and terrorism.

The prime way for the Muslim countries to combat terrorism is to take “cultural steps”, President Hassan Rouhani underlined, saying the young generation needs to be familiarized with true Islam.

He made the comments in a meeting with leaders of American Muslim communities, held in New York on Tuesday night.

What is worrying is that some Muslims and a group of ignorant young people still seem to find the extremist ideologies attractive, no matter who rules terrorist groups such as Daesh (ISIL) or al-Qaeda, the Iranian president added.

He further took a swipe at the world powers for employing terrorism as a tool to control the Muslim nations and bring disgrace on Islam by attributing religion to various extremist and terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Daesh, al-Shabaab, al-Nusra Front, Boko Haram and etc.

President Rouhani also stressed the need for scientific and technological progress in the Muslim nations, saying the Muslim world should once again become a pioneer of science, like the pre-Renaissance era.

The Iranian president is in New York to attend the 72nd regular session of the United Nations General Assembly.

He has held meetings with many foreign leaders, media directors and religious figures over the past days.