Press Shia Agency – Pakistani cleric said that the US had gained what he was pursuing in the region which was insecurity and now leaves Pakistan in insecurity and accuses Pakistan for supporting terrorism.

Press Shia Agency – Amin Shahidi, a senior member of the National Solidarity Council of Pakistan, said: "The US had gained what he was pursuing in the region which was insecurity, and now leaves Pakistan in insecurity and blames Pakistan for supporting terrorism. We must stand up against United States with full force and respond their bullying in the region with a proper response.


The famous Pakistani scholar pointed to the town of Zawar's problems and called for immediate resolution of these issues, saying that Iran is a revolutionary country that has been fighting oppression and tyranny for many years, and that sanctions have had no effect on the progress of this country.

He added that “the Islamic Revolution of Iran reserved its policy of domination of the East and West, and the strong response given by the Iranian authorities to the bullying of Donald Trump in his UN speech is an example.”


Allameh Amin Shahidi announced that political opposition parties that exist in Iran but when it comes to national security issues they get united in support of their country, and that is why the sanctions could not bring them to their knees.


"This is a good pattern for Pakistan. Our governments should not trust the United States. unfortunately, at present, the industries, the economy, even the basic needs of the people are provided by the United States, even in defense, we hope America would solve our problems" he said.


Referring to other problems that threatened Zawar, he referred to 15-day jail sentence for pilgrims in the cities of Kuwaita and Taftan with the excuse of providing security and considered it ‘an oppression’.


“Islamabad should make Washington understand that the existence of terrorist groups such as the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the Sahaba Army, and others in Pakistan were the result of their presence in the region and their involvement in the war in Afghanistan.”

“Unfortunately, our politicians, especially the ruling party, do not respond to the accusations made by the US president Donald Trump against the great nation of Pakistan,” he added.