Press Shia – The renowned Iranian speaker said, “We will never forget the main killers of Martyr Hojjaji. In fact, we do not forget that John Kerry said that the US has negotiated with 70 countries of the world to form Daesh.”

Press Shia – Speaking at the farewell ceremony for Martyr Mohsen Hojjaji at Tehran’s Emam Hoseyn Square on the morning of September 27th, Hujjat al-Islam Alireza Panahian noted that Martyr Hojjaji is a source of pride for the martyrs of the Defenders of the Holy Shrine and said, “This great martyr strove hard on addressing the deprived areas, doing cultural and jihadi works and working for our revolution.”

Iranians have held a large funeral procession in the capital, Tehran, in honour of the iconic martyr, who was beheaded by the Takfiri Daesh terror group in Syria last month.

Martyr Hojjaji was a member of the Iranian military advisory team, which assists the Syria army in its counter-terrorism operations against the Takfiri terrorists. He was taken hostage by Daesh terrorists near the Iraqi border on August 7 and beheaded two days later.

The renowned Iranian speaker continued, “If in any place in our land, we have a Hezbollahi such as Martyr Hojjaji, who is a man of good character and was courageous and self-sacrificing, don’t doubt that we can attract everyone’s interest to ourselves.”

He emphasized, “With the existence of youths such as Martyr Hojjaji, regardless of the fact that the security of our country is preserved, we can be victorious and celebrate against the hegemonic powers. A country with youths such as Martyr Hojjaji will never be defeated.”

Hujjat al-Islam Panahian said, “When our people rise up to honour their martyrs, this reflects the growth of our nation and a nation which has such martyrs, when they see a victory, they respect their martyrs. At the time of the tragedy of Karbala, if the people of Kufah had respected the headless body of Imam Husayn, although they abandoned their Imam, they would have surely prospered.”

Referring to the people of Kufah’s disrespect for the body and the head of Imam Husayn, the Iranian cleric pointed out that the ugly and disgraceful behaviour caused them to suffer agony and humiliation, so respect for the martyrs is worthwhile and a nation which respects its martyrs are victorious and God sends the light of the martyrs to that nation.

In his address to the Martyr Hojjaji, he stated, “There is a lot of distance between us and we are afflicted by the world but we stand in full respect for you and we respect your family and we are hopeful that you and your friends will intercede for us.”

Hujjat al-Islam Panahian added, “We will never forget the main killers of Martyr Hojjaji. In fact, we do not forget that the former United States Secretary of State [John Kerry] said that the US has negotiated with 70 countries in the world to form Daesh. Death shouldn’t be considered only as a part of the sinister American government but according to Imam Khomeyni, death must be considered a part of all of the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom.”

The university professor continued, “Martyr Hojjaji! Know that we will not leave until we destroy Israel and its dirty politicians and soldier. Oh Israel! Until we destroy you, the honesty of our mourning will not be proven. From our point of view, Israel is a continuation of the path of Yazid and due to our love for Imam Husayn, we will destroy you!”

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary said that people like Martyr Hojjaji are the fruits of mourning for Imam Husayn and noted, “Today our martyrs are the fruits of mourning for the ‘Master of the Martyrs.’ For 1400 years our mourning has created our line of resistance. Our mourners don’t only congregate to engage in simple mourning rituals but rather they are congregations of victory who want to help Imam Husayn.”

Hujjat al-Islam Panahian noted, “If today the Holy Shrine of Imam Husayn is constantly providing martyrs, it’s due to the Israeli usurper regime. Our Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps should prepare their missiles to destroy Israel. Our people won’t turn away from the blood of Martyr Hojjaji and the blood of these martyrs won’t end until Daesh is destroyed but rather the realization of the blood of these martyrs will destroy the Israeli usurpers.”

In conclusion, he said, “Today, we should be proud that our people came forth to his funeral with such warmth and enthusiasm when they saw that the head of the Martyr Hojjaji was detached from his body and this is pleasing.”