TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (Press Shia) – Iran’s Embassy in Ankara has strongly advised Iranians to avoid unnecessary trips and to refrain from making presence in crowded or insecure areas.

As quoted by Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian Embassy in Ankara has issued a warning statement urging Iranian residing in or visiting the neighboring country to avoid making unnecessary trips and to stay far from overcrowded streets and public venues and generally to comply with security recommendations.

“In view of the announcement made by the National Intelligence Organization of Turkey and the governor of Ankara on the risk of terrorist attacks in sensitive places and the ban on any gathering as regards the establishment of a state of emergency, Iranian residents in Turkey are requested to refrain from going on unnecessary trips or making presence in crowded areas,” the report reads.

Iranians are also urged to heed all security warnings declared by consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Turkey or other organizations and institutions of the host state.