Press Shia Agency – A senior Iranian Sunni scholar stressed realization of solidarity as one of the most important objectives of Islam based on which the “diplomacy of unity” should promote.

Press Shia – In an interview with the media, Shaykh Mamusta Abdul-Rahman Khalifehzadeh, the prayer leader of the Sunni community in Bukan in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province stressed Islam as the identity, unifying factor and the shared asset for tolerance and victory among Muslims.

The Iranian Kurdish Sunni cleric said, “The linking factor among all Muslims is religion and the Muslim nation should gain solidarity and agreement through maintaining their religion.”

The cleric called Islam as a gift with Muslims and called all to avoid division in order to safeguard this gift.

Shaykh Khalifehzadeh said, “The world of Islam is amid the most critical eras of history following the Islamic Awakening movement when Islamic unity and proximity are counted as the key axes for this movement.”

According to the Iranian Sunni cleric security and promotion are achieved only in the light of sympathy and unity.

The Friday prayer leader of Bukan warned against constant efforts of the enemies to hurt Islam vowing that once Islamic countries joined each other they will not be hurt by any hostile intrigue.

Shaykh Khalifehzadeh also hailed the diversity of denominations and ethnic groups in West Azerbaijan Province as an opportunity for promotion and added, “The enemies of Islamic Revolution are struggling to disperse Muslims and make use of their disagreements as the grounds for jeopardizing the country.”

He stressed necessity of notifying Muslim elites on hostile plots and threats of disintegration in an attempt to pave the way for realization of Islamic solidarity.