Press Shia Agency – The head of the Assembly of Experts said, “Today, some inside and outside of the country are seeking to establish a secularist system in Iran and to put an end to the Islamic Revolution.”

Press Shia – Speaking at the Coordinating Meeting on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution held at the premises of the Secretariat of the Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said, “In many verses of the Quran, the people are reminded ‘look where you were and what you have achieved with the blessings of the Prophet and Islam – you were poor and destitute and God has harboured you, so don’t forget.’ We are also in a position where we must pay attention to these verses regarding where we were and where we are now and where we want to go.” 

The chairman of the Assembly of Experts added that some young people don’t understand this issue but they should know that if they’re ungrateful, how will God deal with them. The first blessing that God gave to us is the late Imam Khomeyni and when we read the traits specific to the believers and virtuous people in the Quran, we see all these traits to the Imam as well. 

He said that the blessings of Imam Khomeyni for us were like the favour of the Prophet of Islam was for his companions, and said, “Imam acted with that sincerity, piety and certainty which was on the top of his agenda in all of his actions but Imam Khomeyni passed away and someone should replace him and the next person was Ayatollah Khamenei.”

Stating that the former Shah of Iran bowed down in front of the imperialist powers and the United States in complete humiliation, Ayatollah Jannati noted, “We were in those conditions and look where we are today. In the time of the Shah were humiliated and now we have unprecedented dignity such that we captured the spies who worked at the American embassy and stopped them and arrested them. Where else has this happened? At that time, many feared that the US would bomb the country but Imam said ‘they cannot do a damn thing.’” 

He emphasized, “As long as the people are present on the scene, the enemies can’t do anything and our revolution was also declared. Israel fears the Palestinian and Lebanese youths and this revolution has liberated Syria which Israel sought after and also liberated Egypt and liberated Libya from these crazy people.”

The head of the Coordinating Council of Islamic Propagation said that the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution should be celebrated in a completely different manner from all the ceremonies before it and said, “It must be tens of times greater than other celebrations and this is part of the responsibility that the youth have realized what the Islamic Revolution is and all that we have achieved is due to our cultural instruments.”

Ayatollah Jannati emphasized, “Today, some inside and outside of the country are seeking to establish a secularist system in Iran and eliminate the Islamic Revolution from the inside but we see that the pride of the martyrs, such as Mohsen Hojjaji, has stung the hearts of the enemies and he sacrificed his head and the enemies are afraid of the spirit of martyrdom.”

He added, “The enemies are is afraid of the likes of Martyr Hojjaji due to his actions and his magnificent funeral and surely tomorrow his grave will be like the pilgrims of the imamzadehs [sons of the imams]. The enemies are also afraid of our military weapons but not as much as our spirit of martyrdom.”

His Eminence pointed out that we must understand all the people, especially the youth, who don’t remember what state we were in and where we are today and said, “Our youth have a pure nature but some of them have a low level of awareness and some of them are like Martyr Hojjaji and are revolutionary and others also can join this revolutionary gathering but we must understand them.”

Ayatollah Jannati added, “We all have this duty to the youth because the enemies are also seeking to destroy this revolution of which we will soon celebrate its fortieth anniversary. They say that forty years for this revolution is enough and it should be changed.”