Press Shia – Shaykh Bilal Sha’ban called the discourse of religion as a belonging of all people demanding religious scholars not to confine themselves to mosques.

Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Bilal Sha’ban, a senior Lebanese cleric attended the first conference on Diplomacy of Unity in Tehran and said religious scholars should not confine to mosques because their role is more highlighted among the people.

He stressed that people from different walks of life should be called to the discourse of unity.

Shaykh Sha’ban reiterated necessity of supporting modernism in Islam and avoid following the strategies of our antecedents saying, “As referred to in the holy book of Islam, religion  is a global belonging of all people including all races, ethnicities, men and women.”

He said, “Islam is the same for Shi’ahs and Sunnis. Therefore, they should not be divided” and added, “We should follow reforms so that we can unite all ethnicities and denominations.”