Press Shia – One of the Sunni clerics in Lebanon said that Iraq will overcome the separation project as it won the war against terrorism.

Press Shia Agency – "The unity of Iraq means the unity of all the children of the Arab and Islamic nations," said Sheikh Maher Abdul Razzaq, head of the Lebanese Reform and Unity Movement, attending the "Integrated Iraq" conference in the country.


He added: "Not only Iraq but the Arab and Islamic world needs unity and countering US-Zionist plots in the region. The unity of Iraq is the source of power for Arab and Islamic countries.


The Sunni cleric insisted that Iraq can be victorious and proud with the unity of religions and tribes, and certainly returns to its position in the Arab and Islamic world.


He said that Iraq overcame the seditious terrorist project just as Lebanon overcame the Takfiri-Zionist terrorism and all their seditious projects.


Sheikh Maher Abdul Razzaq, regarding Kurdish separation project in Iraq, said that after the failure of the Takfiri project of the United States and its assurance that its project is in its last breath, it has turned to a new project in Iraq and wants to subdivide the country and leave it with a sparked sedition.


He noted that Iraqis will surely overcome this project as they have overcome terrorism.


The head of the reform and unity movement continued that the United States has now launched a media and economic war on Lebanon's resistance and, in this regard, has been using widespread support from its allies.