BAGHDAD (Press Shia) – Speaker of Iraq’s parliament called on Islamic and international organizations to introduce regulations for eradicating the ideological roots of Takfirism.

Addressing the 9th session of the Islamic Awakening Supreme Council in Baghdad on Saturday, Salim al-Jabouri stressed the need for collective “preventive” measures by Muslim countries to counter attempts at linking terrorism to Islam.

Highlighting the Iraqi parliament’s efforts in the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Jabouri pointed to a proposal calling on Islamic and international bodies to introduce regulations to fight against the ideological roots of Takfiri currents.

50 clerics, scholars and intellectuals from 22 Muslim nations are attending the two-day conference in Baghdad.

It commenced this morning with a speech by Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening Ali Akbar Velayati.