TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (Press Shia) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said oil has provided major powers with effective arms to impose upon the ‘independent states’ their own dictated policies.

On Saturday, President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Tehran in the evening local time after departing Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan where earlier he had discussed further oil policies with country’s officials.

Leader received Mr. Maduro late on evening where he believed that the US policies had come to a debacle in the Middle East and that it was naïve in part of independent states to imagine that the US was insurmountable; “this is a great miscalculation to see the US as invincible; resistance, perseverance, and self-confidence should contribute to efforts in part of the countries avoiding hegemonic orders to manage their problems while remaining unaffected by propaganda and pressures,” said Ayatollah Khamenei to the meeting. “Currently, the oil prices have been as weapons in the hands of hegemonic powers to impose on countries seeking to remain independent what they see as expedient to advance their interests; in the past, Islamic countries confronted the Zionist regime effectively through imposing an oil embargo on the regime, which incited huge fuss by the Europeans; today however, the same Islamic countries which are damaged economically by the oil prices rocking down are in line with US policies.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also told the meeting that despite huge costs of the war in the Middle East paid by American tax-payers and by some states in the region as well, today the US has come to feel the full force of failures on its policies, which had made the country mired on the region in the past 15 years. He turned then to Venezuelan situation where the county had pioneered anti-US sentiments in the Latin America and where there had been immense capabilities enjoyed by the country, emphasizing that Venezuela should fully use the opportunities provided by leadership of the NAM conference; “the west has no interest in the fact that NAM countries engage in more dynamism to improve relations among the member states, to which we should respond with acting to the contrary, with hopes that the future will be even better in terms of bilateral and multilateral ties,” he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated Iran’s strong willingness to improve ties with Venezuela with foreign ministers acting as critical in implementation of agreements.

The meeting was also attended by Ishaq Jahangiri, First-Vice President. Mr. Maduro then addressed the meeting for his part; “our late president Hugo Chavez had been calling Iran as powerful country of important place in the region; in Venezuela, people and government praise Iranians’ resistance in the face of the US imperialism; for the same very reason, they live a life of stability and in peace; however, the other countries are experiencing war, political turmoil, and terrorism,” he added. “US imperialism had been systematically interfering in Venezuelan affairs, to which our nation reacted with resistance and succeeded in finding a way out of the economic crisis gradually; regardless of who will go to the White House, the future administration will be a degenerate government which will be dangerous to the future of the world,” Maduro concluded.