MOSCOW, Oct. 24 (Press Shia Agency) –The so-called Deputy Wali of Mosul has been killed by an Iraqi air strike on Tel Keppe, an Iraqi town north of Mosul, according to media reports.

According to Iraqi media, the so-called Deputy Wali of Mosul has been killed by an Iraqi air strike on Tel Keppe, an town north of Mosul.

“The Iraqi Mi 35 aircraft killed the so-called Deputy Wali of Mosul in Tel Keppe area, in the northern axis,” quotes Al Sumaria TV channel reporting.

The website also cites Ghyath al-Sourji, spokesperson of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, saying that Iraqi army captured downtown Tel Keppe and liberated the neighborhoods of Somer and al-Askari.

In ISIL administrative structure, walis are administrative authorities, the rough equivalent of governor or viceroy, as ISIL divides its territory to wilayas, an Arabic term for “province”, according to an Al Jazeera study.  Correspondingly, the deputy wali is a governor’s assistant.

On March 28, the ISIL Daily blog reported that Mohammed Shaaban Al-Jubouri, another deputy wali of Mosul, had been killed by Coalition airstrike.

SPUTNIK/Press Shia Agency