Press Shia Agency – The spokesman for the Palestinian Ulema Council, condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime, reiterated that “we will not step back until the day we see complete liberation of Palestine.”

Press Shia Agency‌ – Shaykh Mohammed al-Mo’ad, chairman of the advisory board and official spokesman for the Palestinian Ulema Council, by issuing a statement strongly condemned “silence of Arab countries and human rights organizations on the issue of Palestine and Israeli aggression on the country for the last 100 years.”


Shaykh Mohammed al-Mo’ad added: "Since the Nakba Day when Israelis, with the help of the United Kingdom, sought to establish a Jewish state in Palestine, to this day, the Zionist regime not only has not apologized for its crimes, but is always proud of them.”


“How does the international community, enjoying the so-called freedom of speech, remains silent against these brutal crimes and the displacement of the oppressed Palestinian people from their homeland and the establishment of a Zionist state?”


“This silence is a shameful for the human history,” he said.


The official spokesman for the Palestinian Scholars Council said: Why does the international community recognize the occupying regime that displaced millions of Palestinians from their country and has not even allowed formation of an independent Palestinian state to this day?


"It is a shame that some Arab countries recognize and interact with the Zionist regime and close their eyes to the wound of the oppressed Palestinian people and violation of their basic rights by the zionist regime," said the head of the Palestinian Ulema Council Advisory, pointing to the “injustice and unfairness” of the Arab states.


Sheikh al-Mou'd added: "The Palestinian people will not abandon their country and will stand still against Zionist hegemony. We will resist Zionist hegemony until one day we will get back to our homeland. We will not step back until full liberation of the al-Quds.”